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How to choose disposable gloves?


Wearing comfortable disposable gloves will help us carry out our work, reduce the error rate, and bring a better user experience. When selecting disposable gloves, you can choose to meet the following conditions to ensure the comfort of gloves:

1. Choose gloves that suit your hand

The size of the glove fits the shape of the hand to ensure the flexibility of the operation. If the glove is too large or too small, it is not only not conducive to grasping the appliance, but it is also prone to breakage and does not provide the proper protection.

Common PVC gloves, latex gloves, and nitrile gloves all have different sizes. Users can choose the correct gloves by measuring the width of the palm.

The palm width is measured by the palm upward, and the palm width is measured in parallel with a soft ruler from the tiger's mouth of the thumb. After the measurement, the size can be selected according to the figure below.

Nitrile Glove

2. Choose soft, fit gloves

Among the common disposable gloves, the one with the best softness and fit is the latex and nitrile gloves. Latex gloves use natural rubber as the raw material, and the chlorine cleaning process increases the flexibility of the gloves. Nitrile gloves feel a bit harder than latex gloves, but its excellent protective properties make it suitable for a wider range of industries than latex gloves.

Disposable gloves can protect us from external risks and create a "healthy, hygienic and safe" working environment. But its protection is not absolute. When it is interfered by some outside world, its protection performance will be reduced, there are the following:

1. The gloves are exposed to the air for a long time and appear aging. Compared with the unaged gloves, the punctured and tear resistance of the aged gloves is significantly reduced under the same use state, so it cannot play a good protective role.

2. In case of improper storage, such as contact with chemical reagents that may corrode gloves before use. Before wearing gloves, users must check the integrity of the gloves. If they are damaged, they must be discarded and replaced with new gloves.

3. The penetration of gloves in the high-temperature environments will be accelerated, and the protective performance will be reduced. The penetration rate is generally measured at room temperature. If the gloves are used under excessively high-temperature conditions, penetration will be accelerated, and its chemical resistance will be greatly reduced.