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Is the body temperature measured by the temperature gun accurate?


Thermometer, also known as "infrared thermometer" or "infrared radiation thermometer". As the name implies, the principle is to use the infrared radiation on the surface of the object to find the temperature of the measured object. According to this principle, the basic process of the temperature measuring gun is as follows: the energy radiated by the human body is collected by the optical system to the infrared detector, and the detector converts the incident radiant energy into a voltage signal. After data processing and automatic curve fitting, the temperature of the measured human body is accurately calculated and displayed and output digitally. Is the temperature gun measured accurately?

There are many reasons that affect the measurement results.

First, objective physical factors:

Because the "blackbody radiation law" is calculated when the working substance is a theoretical blackbody, and the substances in life belong to different "purities" because of the material relationship. This purity is expressed by "emissivity".

Infrared Thermometer

The theoretical blackbody's emissivity is 1, and most of our temperature measuring guns usually have an emissivity of 0.95, which is suitable for most situations in life.

But this 0.95 is, after all, a floating value that depends on the material of the measured object, which is one of the reasons why it is difficult for the temperature gun to be absolutely accurate.

Second, pollution factors:

Since information is transmitted through electromagnetic radiation (light), it is inevitably affected by external factors such as smoke and water vapor; in addition, lens contamination at the entrance of the machine is also part of the interference.

Third, machine accuracy:

Because of cost reasons, most of the temperature measuring guns we usually use do not use more accurate two-color temperature measurement technology, and the fineness of internal components is also uneven; another is that the value caused by the distance error during use fluctuates.

The current infrared temperature measuring gun is much better than the traditional thermal conduction temperature measurement method-short response time and high-temperature measurement efficiency, without contacting the measured object can still have relatively reliable accuracy, at the same time low production cost and operation It's also convenient enough.

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