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Can Military Chemical Protective Suit Replace Medical Protective Suit?


As the pneumonia epidemic gradually spreads, medical workers around the world have experienced varying degrees of protective equipment shortages, which has caused widespread concern among many netizens. At the same time, some netizens said that since the number of medical protective equipment is tight, why not use some military protective suit as a substitute for medical workers?

In response to this problem, first of all, we need to first understand the military protective suit. The chemical protective suit worn by the army's chemical defense forces is divided into the high-grade isolated chemical protective suit and general breathable protective suit. The high-grade isolated chemical protective suit has the characteristics of being impermeable to air and moisture. When performing tasks, soldiers wearing protective suits need to rely on a respirator to maintain breathing. This level of protective suit, not to mention the isolation of novel coronavirus, can play a very protective role in the nuclear biochemical environment. However, this kind of protective suit also has strict use time. For example, an isolated chemical protective suit that uses a cylinder to supply oxygen will start alarming after 20 minutes of work. Once the cylinder has run out of oxygen, it must be completed and replaced. Working hours can easily last for several hours. Frequent replacement of oxygen tanks will not only seriously consume the physical strength of medical staff, but also greatly affect work efficiency.

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Isolation type protective suit can't work, what about the general breathable protective suit? From the perspective of wearing comfort, a breathable protective suit is definitely far better than isolated protective suit. The breathable protective suit can indeed block some small droplets and vapors of poison. However, this protective suit cannot block the penetration of air and water vapor, and it is unknown whether it can isolate the novel coronavirus.

In summary, even in the case of a shortage of medical protective suits, it is still difficult for the military chemical protective suits to replace the medical protective suits. If it is forcibly used, although it can also play a certain role, the disadvantages are far greater than the benefits.

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