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Medical aesthetic lasers maintenance in winter

Publicado en 12. 11, 2019

As winter is approaching for clients in Europe, Russia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and other countries we like to remind all of our clients look after the equipment properly during the cold weather with the instruction below:

1. Applicable instruments:

Picosecond laser, Q-switched laser, IPL SHR,diode hair removal laser, Mini YAG: Laser

2. Maintenance principle:

Because there is a xenon lamp or laser rod inside the laser instrument, which needs water to dissipate heat, the water temperature in the instrument should not be lower than 0 ℃ in winter, otherwise the water inside the instrument will freeze, causing damage to the important components of the xenon lamp or laser rod.

Medical aesthetic lasers maintenance in winter

3. Maintenance plan

(1) Ensure that the room temperature is not lower than 0 ℃ C for 24 hours.

(2) The instrument runs for 3 minutes before the operation starts in winter.

(3) If there is no heating area, when the room temperature is lower than 0 ℃ at night, it is recommended to drain the water in the instrument every night, and then add water again the next day.


Please feel free to contact us, if you need more instructions on how to look after your equipment. We will try the best we can to assist you and your devices. So you can have the devices work for you in a longer period.