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Por qué vuelve a crecer el vello después del tratamiento con máquina de depilación láser IPL

Publicado en 02. 14, 2022

La máquina de depilación láser IPL utiliza un haz de luz concentrado (láser) para eliminar el vello no deseado. El láser apunta al pigmento en cada cabello y lo daña para que ya no pueda crecer. Al principio, parecerá que se ha eliminado el vello, pero si no sigue las instrucciones de cuidado posterior, algunos de los vellos pueden volver a crecer.

Muchos proveedores de máquinas de depilación IPL han informado que algunos vellos finos vuelven a crecer después de las primeras sesiones en algunas áreas tratadas. Esto es completamente normal, ya que significa que los folículos restantes que se perdieron en los tratamientos iniciales están volviendo a crecer.

Es importante notar que estos cabellos son más transparentes y más finos que los cabellos originales. Esto significa que, por lo general, se notarán menos que el cabello que recibió antes del tratamiento, lo que le facilitará mantener una piel suave y sedosa con menos esfuerzo.

Tu cabello crece en ciclos y no todos estarán en la misma etapa cuando se administre el tratamiento. Los folículos pilosos que todavía están en su fase de crecimiento tendrán pigmento, por lo que absorberán la energía del láser y responderán en consecuencia. Los folículos que están inactivos no volverán a crecer mientras permanezcan inactivos. El problema es que muchos folículos pilosos son naturalmente resistentes a las máquinas IPL profesionales y permanecen en su fase de crecimiento incluso después del tratamiento.

La tasa exacta de crecimiento varía de persona a persona, pero generalmente la mayoría de los pacientes ven una reducción del 30% en los folículos pilosos. Esto significa que alrededor del 70 % de los folículos pilosos tratados todavía están presentes, pero en su fase inactiva después del tratamiento inicial. Si no hace nada más, estos pelos eventualmente volverán a su fase de crecimiento y comenzarán a brotar nuevos cabellos en unas pocas semanas o meses. Entonces, ¿qué puedes hacer para evitar eso? ¡Sigue leyendo para descubrirlo!

Por qué vuelve a crecer el vello después del tratamiento con máquina de depilación láser IPL

What is the IPL machine?

IPL laser hair removal machine is the cutting-edge technology that uses intense pulses of light to destroy collagen and stop hair growth. 

The light from the professional IPL machine is absorbed by pigmented areas in the skin, such as hair follicles or brown spots, and converted into heat energy. The heat energy then destroys the targeted cells without damaging any surrounding tissue. It also stimulates collagen production, which results in firmer skin.

Unlike lasers which use only one wavelength of light, IPL is a broad spectrum of pulsating light that is able to treat large areas simultaneously with speed and accuracy. In addition, IPL can treat more than one condition at once such as hair removal and wrinkle reduction or broken capillaries and redness!

Hair removal with an IPL laser hair removal machine can take anywhere from 10 up to 14 sessions. The number of maintenance sessions you require depends on how frequently your hair grows.

Hair removal with an IPL machine is permanent and there is maintenance needed to ensure your hair stays fine, soft and slow growing. But compared to waxing and shaving, it still is THE BEST hair removal method. With technology advancing and professional IPL machines becoming more accessible, it is also becoming cheaper than waxing. To keep hair from growing back too quickly, you should get touch-up treatments every six months or so.

Do hairs grow back even after IPL machine treatment?

This is the most common question IPL hair removal machine suppliers get from clients. And it’s an understandable one. After all, if you’ve spent your hard earned money on professional IPL machine treatments, the last thing you want is for hair to start growing back.

But we can assure you that there’s no need to panic just yet. There are a few reasons why hair may start growing back after your IPL sessions. Here are some of the common ones:

Your hair growth cycle:

If you're starting to see regrowth after your IPL sessions, it could be because some of your hair follicles were in their resting phase at the time of the treatment. It is possible that a small number of hair follicles missed their chance at being zapped by the laser during your treatment. These follicles eventually enter their active phase and you will notice new hair growth.

Emotional changes like stress or childbirth, as well as a major change in lifestyle can cause hair that was previously soft and downy to become thick, dark and strong. If you’re pregnant, going through menopause, or experiencing extreme stress, your body might begin to grow hair in places where it hasn’t before. Hormone changes or stress can trigger the onset of terminal hair growth.

Inconsistency in appointments:

When starting with an IPL laser hair removal machine, it is important to receive treatments no more than four weeks apart for at least 10 sessions. This will make sure you get the best results possible. The reason being is that each time you come in for a session, 25% of your hair is reduced. Hair that has not yet been treated grows back much slower and finer. But if treatments are spaced out too far or too few sessions are done, hair growth will return.

Once you’ve had your initial course of treatment, it’s highly likely that there are still a few follicles left in your skin that haven’t been treated. And if you don’t have follow-up treatments, these follicles will start producing new hairs.

That’s why it is important to have regular top ups after your initial course of IPL treatment. Typically this can be once a month or once every two months, depending on how quickly your hairs grow. But these top up treatments will help to keep any new hair growth at bay so that you can maintain your smooth, hair-free skin for longer.

If you have been following our advice and having regular top up sessions, then there is nothing to worry about. Even if the hair grows back, they will be minimal and unnoticeable.