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  • PDT Light Therapy Skin Care Machine
  • PDT Light Therapy Skin Care Machine
  • PDT Light Therapy Skin Care Machine
  • PDT Light Therapy Skin Care Machine
  • PDT Light Therapy Skin Care Machine

PDT Light Therapy Skin Care Machine

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PDT light therapy skin care machine(LED-300 model)

Working Theory

Red and blue light treatment system using United States high quality LED purity over 99% genes of biological electromagnetic wave sources, with special optical signal transmission technology in the world, and non-thermal effects. During treatment period, may combination contains special photographic ingredients of high nutrition photosensitive collagen, can fast effective of import subcutaneous tissue and are absorbed by red grains of cell, and produce most efficient of light of reaction--enzyme promoting reaction, thus improving the activity of cells and promoting the metabolism of cells. Make the skin to secrete many collagens and automatically fill in fibrous histiocytomas, while increase peritoneal macrophages bacteria ability of white cell, so as to achieve healing, tender skin, whitening, acne, antioxidant effect, ideally suited for sub-healthy and dry, allergic skin, and facial nerve numbness, spastic patients.

PDT Light Therapy Skin Care Machine

Product details

• Improve acne,acne marks and folliculitis.

• Improve red streaks,acne rosacea,stolid.

• Improve wrinkles,fine lines and skin relaxation.

• Improve  pore bulky,rough skin and skin color gray.

• Repainring the dama ged and replanted skin.

• Repairing the sequelae of burns,blisters,pigmentation Recovery of facial   neuropathy.

• Elimination of fatigue,relieve stress,improve sleeping quality.

PDT Light Therapy Skin Care Machine


1.1820pcs high power LEDs,the output intensity is stronger.

2.Variety of light source(6 kinds) to meet different needs of treatment, widely used in skin beauty and treatment.

3.Rocker arm stand, flexible operation, easy use, the upper lifting arm can be lifted and lowered vertically,Max rated load is 90°.

4.8” LCD touching screen, rotatable by 360°,easy convenient operation.

5.Key and password double protection,wihout having to worry about being misused.

6.Warmly voice to remind patient, and make the treatment comfortable and relax.

7. Light intensity can be adjusted according to the requirement of treatment.

PDT Light Therapy Skin Care Machine

PDT light therapy skin care machine(LED-300 model)

PDT Light Therapy Skin Care Machine


*All the skin diseases caused by sunlight damage and aging include facial blemishes, dermal spots,

*Freckles, sun spots, pigmentation and so on.

*Acne, acne marks and folliculitis.

*Red streaks, acne rosacea, stolid.

*Wrinkles, fine lines and skin relaxation.

*The pore is bulky, rough skin, color grey.

*Repairing the damaged skin.

*Repairing the replanted skin.

*Repairing the sequelae of Burns, blisters, pigmentation caused by the treatment of too big or improper operation when Laser instant repair of washing eyebrow and tattoo photon energy.

*Recovery of facial neuropathy.

*Elimination of fatigue, relieve stress, improve sleeping quality.

Before and After

PDT Light Therapy Skin Care Machine

Rated Power


Lamp Numbers


Irradiator rotating scope


Effective Radiant area

970cm 2

Work distance


Output wavelength

Red laser 633nm±10nm

Blue laser 417nm±10nm

Yellow 590nm±10nm

Infrared ray 850nm±10nm

Output power

Red laser 80mW/cm 2 ±20%

Blue laser 100mW/cm 2 ±20%

Yellow laser 35mW/cm 2 ±20%

Irradiation surface temperature

≤ 45℃

Time setting

0min~99min, testing accuracy<±2%

Irradiator lifting scope


Work Voltage

AC 100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz±2%

Fuse specification model & rating:

Input power: AC220/230V, Fuse specifications: T3.0AL/250V Ф5*20

Input power: AC110/120V, Fuse specification: T5.0AL/250V Ф5*20