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  • Medical Ozone Therapy
  • Medical Ozone Therapy
  • Medical Ozone Therapy
  • Medical Ozone Therapy

Medical Ozone Therapy

Ozone machine 10-100ug/ml medical ozone generator hydro ozone therapy
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Carter ozone therapy equipment technical characteristics:

1. This medical ozone series instrument is imported from Germany and uses advanced non-glass discharge technology to generate ozone. It is a digitally controlled mechatronics high-precision medical equipment. 

2. The Carter ozone therapy instrument has a wide range of ozone concentration, simple operation interface, accurate photometric measurement, and automatic continuous operation mode, which can meet the needs of various clinical usage methods.

3. The adjustable concentration range of Carter ozone therapy instrument is 0-80μg / ml. With ozone concentration setting and two-way detection function to ensure the accuracy of concentration.

4. Carter Ozone Therapeutic Apparatus is designed with a "purification" system, which catalyzes the remaining gas during continuous operation to keep the pressure in the system stable, and discharges the remaining gas after catalytic reduction to pure oxygen to avoid environmental pollution.

Why Ozone for Herniated Disk

Oxidizing proteoglycans, destroying and ablating nucleus pulposus (NP)

Medical ozone is a strong oxidizing agent. When inserted into the hermiated NP tssue, it oxidizes proteoglycans in the NP tssue in a short time.

Meanwhile, membranes and internal structure of NP cells are destroyed, and functions of cell synthesis and proteoglycan secretion are decreased or lost.

Broken proteoglycans losses ability to fix charge density and the NP tissue' s osmotic pressure isdown, which leading to dehydration and thus reducing the volume of the herniated material which hasbeen responsible for the high pressure in the disk. 

Medical ozone is mainly working on NP, with itte afection on the catilage lamina and the fibrous ring .



Herniated nucleus pulposus and fbrous ring cause compression of spinal dura mater, nerve root and peripheral veins, thus leading to venous returm disorder and forming exudation of chemical substances in the NP and tissue edema. 

The NP tssue, with its strong stimulation, when touching nerve root, it produces mass histamine,which leading to a chemical infammation of the nerve root.


The broken fibrous ring produces glycosidoprotein and β protein as antigenic substance, bring the organism immunoreacion.


Medical ozone can stimulate the oxidase overexpression and neutralize over-produced reactive oxydate during infammatory reaction. Production of immune factor during anti-inflammation helps to dilate veins, improve venous return and relief edema near nerve root.


Pain Kllr

Why pain in hermiated disk? The heriated disk tssue presses nerve root, thus stimulating production of algogenic substances (i.e. Substance P, phosphatidase A2) by nerve endings in nearby ligament and intervertebral disk surface.


Medical ozone, after injection, can directly act on the above mentioned nerve endings, by stimulating enkephalin production by inhibitory intemneuron.That's why medical ozone is a well-done pain kller.


Pain, Orthopedics, Hepatology, Cardiocerebrovascular, Endocrinology, Oncology, Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Rehabilitation, Interventional, Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Spine Surgery, Neurology / Surgery, Encephalopathy , Three oxygen (biological oxygen) outpatient clinic...

Major Indications:

1. Hermiated disk, arthritis, chronic soft tissue pain

2. Cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction, stroke in rehablitation period, coronary heart disease (CHD) peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) .

3. Infectious disease, varicella and herpes zoster, recurrent female genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis 1 mycotic vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis,

dermatosis with mycotic infection

4. Such peripheral chronic ulcers as burns, post radiation treatment wound, diabetic gangrene, bedsores

5. Assistant in tumor radiation treatment or chemo-treatment

6. Others: neurodermitis, hyperlipemia

Technical Advantages:

1. Ozone generated by corona-discharge with non-glass media

2. Wide range of ozone concentration selection, totally reaching the intemnational demand of satety and eficiency for cinial application (3 - 80 ug/ml)

3. Builtl- in concentration correction ensuring a deviation≤5%, 21C, which guarantees both satety and fficiency in clinical application

4. Remaining Os convets back into O2 (done within 10s) by a built-in decontamination system, avoiding environment pollution

5. Power on self- -check finished in 2s, complete sound/ight alarm with operation guide, auto-power off protection program

6. No warm- _up, only 6s after power- on for ozone generation of the detault concentration

7. Simple icon-driven penal design for easy operation

Power supply220-240 V ac, 50-60 Hz,
Power consumptionmax. 250 W
Ozone-concentration0-80 µg/millilitre in graduation0,5,10,15, 20,25, 30,40, 50, 60, 70, 80 µg
Tolerance + / - 5% at temperature 21°C
Flow-rate10 millilitre/sec. constant at all concentrationsettings
Internal  pressure35 kPa ( 5,1 psi )
Operating  temperature10 °C to 40 °C ( 50° to 104°F )
Operation  humidity35% to 80 % RH, noncondensing
Storage  temperature-10°C to 60 °C ( 14°F to 140°F )
Overall  dimensions310 x 290 x 110 mm (L x W x H excludingO 2- bottle)
Weight5,1 kg (without oxygen-bottle)
CE-conformityThe device meets the regulations of the 93/42 EEC